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Oct 05, 2021 by Gillian on Scalar Light
I just 'feel' better
I felt somehow more positive and I had more energy after the trial period so I decided to take a recurring subscription. My skin looks better, I just 'feel' better. I am an energy healer, so this concept is plausible to me, but I am still surprised by a difference that I can't quite put my finger on. I was not ill when I started the trial, I was just wanting more from my life. More energy, more vitality, more "Je ne sais quoi" and I hope, and believe, that this is what Scalar light has brought to me. Trial completed....now let me see what the future holds!
Aug 06, 2021 by Kevin on Scalar Light
I Was Amazed at My Stamina, and Emotional Endurance
I serve as a crisis counselor. The horrors that face at times in people's lives is many times beyond comprehension. And while my heart is t serve and assist such people to reach a place of wholeness and solid standing in their lives, it can be severely taxing and draining, severely. In the last two weeks, my colleague needed 2 weeks off and so I worked double-time to cover her appointments in addition to my own. This amazing technology of Scalar Light that God has given us was perfectly timed with these intense 2 weeks. I was amazed at my stamina, and emotional endurance throughout that entire time as if I was having no appointments! I am astonished. Thank you.
Jul 31, 2021 by Chantal on Scalar Light
Thank You Very Much
2 semaines du programme pour dire combien l'energie a changé pour moi , merci beaucoup.

Translation - 2 weeks of the program to say how much energy has changed for me, thank you very much.
Jul 09, 2021 by Emilia on Scalar Light
I Have So Much Energy!
Thank you for the free experience. I have so much energy I moved all my stuff 3 times in House. I was purging, bad stuff came out. Lots of tears. I am on day 11 of the free trial. I got $199 special offer. Thank you
Jul 03, 2021 by Mushfika on Scalar Light
I Could Notice Since Day 1, How Effective It Is!
I was even scared of living, eating, drinking in fear of spelled foods and drinks. I am living now. I am back my regular life with extra self-love. you guys have made a great job! you are successful. the world needs you more, and no girl should suffer like me! I am in the process of healing but I could notice since day 1, how effective it is!
Jun 01, 2021 by Doro on Scalar Light
Everything Has Turned Around!
After moving out of the US to old Europe Germany I grew more and more depressed, miserable, angry, desperate with even suicidal thoughts. I started eating unhealthy food, developed sleep problems, gained weight, and did not want to go out anymore. I became lethargic. The Corona crisis made it all worse. I completely disconnected from my inner guidance and light. I could not connect with the people in this country either. It was a horrible situation and I was so stuck. Now it is the 12th day into the Scalar Light Sessions - and everything has turned around! I dropped 10 pounds in five days and am back to my normal weight. I can sleep. I am again in touch with my innermost guidance and light, my whole being is clear, happy, energetic, optimistic as I always was, loving, open. I am simply my old self again. I can not express my gratitude and awe and wish everybody to be able to have that experience. I am sending now the Scalar Website to all the people in Germany I know. Blessings, Gratitude, and Love - Doro
May 30, 2021 by Janis on Scalar Light
I Recommend These Sessions to One and All
I have just finished my 15 day free trial of the Standard Scalar Session. I have noticed changes since day two, my mouth has been tasting cleaner, my arthritis has not been as painful, I have had more restful sleep, my mood has been notably lighter. All in all, I recommend these sessions to one and all. Remarkably enlightening.
May 13, 2021 by Jennifer on Scalar Light
It Was Truly Stellar
Thank you so much for the 30-day trial. It was truly Stellar? I feel so balanced & healthy, the chronic mucus in my throat has completely healed. Namaste????
May 12, 2021 by Lauren on Scalar Light
Each Day Things Have Just Become Better and Better
Hi, I have been meaning to write this testimony for a very long time, it's long overdue. Many years back I contacted Tom. I was very sick, I had been administered Botox for cosmetic reasons and it spread through my body. I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks. I was extremely sick. During this time all my vitamins were not holding in my body and the Botox activated EBV virus and Lyme disease. When I got out of the hospital I was very weak and sick, I was almost bedridden. That night I ran across the Scalar Website and called. Tom answered and was very kind and hopeful and started treatment on me that night! The next morning I felt a difference. I had energy, I was able to get up make breakfast, and I felt calmer, the head pounding was less. I felt calmer more at ease. And each day things have just become better and better. I'm working 40 hours a week. I'm calm and happy. I was also diagnosed with prediabetes and it just disappeared. Most of the Lyme symptoms are gone! I will forever be grateful to Tom and Scalar light! Thanks so much
May 11, 2021 by Joelle on Scalar Light
I Was Energized and So Much More Relaxed
As a caregiver, I was exhausted and overwhelmed when I signed up for Tom Paladino's Scalar Light free trial. I felt uplifted and a difference in my mood the very first few days. I was energized and so much more relaxed. Although I was experiencing gum inflammation, this didn't really affect me, there was barely any pain. I am so amazed to see how my outlook on life has shifted, it is an opening on possibilities and I am grateful for this. Thank you for bringing this beautiful healing Scalar Light to the world.
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