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Aug 09, 2021 by Sylvie on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar Sessions
Thank you very much for the Standard Scalar 15 day trial and for the articles. I really enjoyed it and decided to continue including in other programs before the end. I felt improvements very quickly on the third or fourth day. Like sleeping much deeper and more energy during the day. I am coming to the end and I can't wait to continue.
Aug 07, 2021 by Sandra on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar Sessions
Wow! I’m on day 12 of my 15-day trial of the Standard program and I don’t want to stop. I didn’t have a particular issue, but wanted to try the program and I’m glad I did. Overall, I just feel strong, healthy, and brimming with energy. I love that I’m receiving high vibrations and having my chakras balanced. My little dog was in the program with me, and his medical condition seems so much better. He’s like a puppy again!

Thank you so much, Tom, for this opportunity to experience radical health!

Sandra Riddell
Jul 30, 2021 by Diane on Scalar Light
Thank you!
Thank you for educating me on Scalar Energy. I'm in my second month of the Standardize program and the trial for Fat Metabolism program. I've noticed an overall "wellness" and stronger physically. Give it a try.
Jul 30, 2021 by Barbara on Scalar Light
Thank you!
The Scalar Energy 15 day trial is on day 10 has convinced me to subscribe for a year. I feel better about my future, have felt lighter in my body and spirit and definitely felt the detox. so I know it’s working!
Thank you
Jul 27, 2021 by Sharanya on Scalar Light
Thank you!
I was on free trial of Scalar light sessions, and it was wonderful. I had a lot of energy, and i could stay calm despite challenging situations. Thank you
Jul 21, 2021 by Barbara on Scalar Light
Thank you!
My second day and I have felt a positive difference in my body and relationships! Can’t wait to see more improvements that I can document and share! Thank you Tom
Jul 19, 2021 by Lana on Scalar Light
Scaler light is amazing!
The changes for me have been subtle. I sleep sound through the night. I have greater mental clarity. I've had diverticulitis in the past which left me constipated. My daily elimination is normal and regular. This is a very big deal. My sinuses are clear. I've always thought I was pretty healthy but I feel better than ever. I've signed up for 30 days . Scaler light is amazing!
Jul 16, 2021 by Joanne on Scalar Light
Thank you, for this was the healing I needed
I feel like scalar light trial was sent to me from above. Thank you, for this was the healing I needed. I will be using this again as soon as I get back to work (I was in such a bad place I had to quite my job). I feel balanced and whole again. God Bless!
Jul 09, 2021 by Emilia on Scalar Light
Thank you for free experience
Thank you for free experience . I have so much energy I mowed all my staff 3 times in House.,I was purging , bed staff came out. Lots of tears . I am day 11 of free trial. I got $199 special offer. Thank you
Jul 06, 2021 by Mushfika on Scalar Light
Thank you!
i needed you people, your help means a lot! i learnt how to stop blaming parasitic people, how to avoid them, i am still learning. it is amazing, you guys are doing an amazing work! love & light be always with all of you.
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