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Presently, no scientific protocol exists to either prove or disprove scalar light action. Furthermore, only a scalar light instrument can be utilized to monitor and observe scalar light action upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects.

The testimonies herein are first-hand accounts as to the efficacy of the scalar light sessions by way of a photograph of a person, animal, plant or object. These testimonies are subjective. Nonetheless, the testimonies serve as the initial body of evidence attesting to the benefits of the scalar light sessions. Scalar light is a new and emerging science and the testimonies listed on the website have been voluntarily submitted.


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May 08, 2021 by TILLY on Scalar Light
What Was Truly Noticeable Was My Cleaner Mouth.
Thank you so much for the 14-day free trial. What was truly noticeable was my cleaner mouth. We haven't been to the dentist for cleaning due to the pandemic. I'm 76, and my teeth are normally cleaned every three months. It's been 9 months now, so a cleaner mouth is much appreciated.
Apr 27, 2021 by Maryann on Scalar Light
Mental Balance and Clarity Have Increased
I realize this technique is helping me. I have more endurance Something that would have been a problem for me in the past, is now easy to figure out. I took my melatonin, as usual, but did not have to take my Ambien when I woke up. And I didn't have to get up as many times to pee, which is something I hate. I believe mental balance and clarity have increased the most. Yes, 2 things.
Apr 22, 2021 by Prema on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar Sessions
Thank you very much for the free trial. During the first two weeks I couId tell that my body was going through some changes because it felt different and a little unsettled. I'm 77, and I thought it was reasonable for some house-cleaning to be going on. After that, I began to feel more and more confident that the scalar energy was really helping me. Now I can say that my body definitely feels more coherent. Digestion is better, thinking is clearer, coordination is better, attitude is more productive. The choking cough I have had for years has improved. Scalar energy really does help. Thank you.
Apr 15, 2021 by Mahekk on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar Sessions
Hello ,
I have been on 15 day free trial ,its 5th day today .I must say that I have felt the difference in my energy ..I have a lot of problems such as mental health ,chronic pain ,anxiety ..can you suggest what package should I take after the free trial ..and also do you have any treatments that could enhance luck ...Thankyou Starlight.
Apr 02, 2021 by Deanna on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar Sessions
I am on the standard scalar light healing, My sleeping is great and also I have felt extreme energy from my legs up through my whole body.
I have the most incredible dreams flying over the ocean and learning to levitate a feather! I felt as if I were awake.
So cool! THANKS
Mar 29, 2021 by Walia on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar Sessions
My first Standard Scalar treatment took place on 03/24/2021. I immediately noticed feeling lighter emotionally, as if a dark cloud hovering over my head, had been lifted. On the following day I noticed a remarkable difference in my right foot. In August 2018 I hurt my right foot, and it never healed properly. On day two,I noticed increased mobility to the toe that had been broken. The right arch, which was also hurt, felt better and has continued to improve. Today, while walking, the right arch felt fine! No discomfort at all. The toe has a bit to go, but I suspect it too will be asymptomatic very soon as well. The increased mobility is literally a step in the right direction!
Mar 26, 2021 by Kathryn on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar Sessions
Thank you Tom, for the 15 free days of Scalar Light. I'm on Day 9. Both my husband and I have noticed such a difference in the quality of our sleep.

For me, I thought I felt different when I woke up the morning of Day 3. Then when I woke up the next day after sleeping 7 hours straight, I Knew something great was happening! Generally I'd wake up after 3 or 4 hours, get up to go to the washroom then go back to sleep. But now I'm sleeping for way longer at a time and also, my sleep "feels" way deeper. It's great! :-)
Mar 26, 2021 by Toots on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar Sessions
4th day of the standard scalar free trial, Amazing!!
I have experienced a wonderful calmness, and peaceful sense, also great dreams, only discomfort was a little headache.
Mar 16, 2021 by Will on Scalar Light
I Been on the Program...
How come it takes so long to get rid of viruses?
I been on the program for a long time and I still have problems and wonder if it is doing me any good .
Mar 08, 2021 by Anonymous on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar Sessions
Our client in our foster care is on scalar light program and she had changed, her attitude with everything in life after just a short while on sclalar, she suffered depression and anxiety and wouldn't talk with anyone, but now she is out going talkative and has a lot more stable moods. Our other client Dakota is on the standard scalar light program and he was not talkative at all before scalar light and very much to himself but now he is outgoing with all in the house and especially the animals he's more kind caring and loving because of scalar. We appreciate this program so much and would reccomend it to anyone!!! Thank you for everything that you do Tom blessings
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Scalar Light is a "divine" energy and the application thereof represents a new and emerging science. The administration of Scalar Light, a divine light, upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration and / or any other US Governmental derivatives thereof, known or unknown. Furthermore, no governmental agency in the world has defined Scalar Light or regulated the administration of Scalar Light upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. Presently, the scientific community has not been able to duplicate the Scalar Light instruments utilized to administer Scalar Light upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects.