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Jan 06, 2022 by Anon on Scalar Light
I felt my body becoming more alive
To all, I wish to leave here my experience with the FHT, and my thanks to Tom Paladino. I have started the Female Hormone Therapy, less than two months ago, and gradually a started feeling a change taking place in my body. Firstly I felt my body becoming more alive and subsequently, the skin started to be more elastic and younger. I feel overall more rejuvenated and intend to continue the treatment for months to follow, as I am sure the benefits are enormous and will also become more noticeable to others. Thank you Tom, and also my thanks to Janett, who has kept me up to date with the treatment. Best wishes
Jan 05, 2022 by Adrienne on Scalar Light
I have WAY more energy than my counterparts
I have been doing the Female Hormone Therapy for quite some time now. As time progresses, I notice that I have WAY more energy than my counterparts. I am 69 and there is a significant difference between me and my friends. I also am doing the Standard Scalar. I have been doing that for a few years. I just don't get sick anymore. Pretty Great!!
Dec 27, 2021 by ranj on Scalar Light
There is quite big difference
Hello, Tom! I feel very strongly than before without taking this male hormone therapy program sessions / there is quite a big difference that I do experience since I am in this program currently in my body shape / health issues / and some improvement inside of my cells / thank you, scalar light ! / much appreciate ! May God Bless In A Miraculous Way Of Life !
Dec 25, 2021 by Roby on Scalar Light
Discoloration due to hormonal disturbances started to fade gradually
Well first of all thank you for this amazing healing program, I started to notice the difference in my second week in the program the acne’s, discoloration due to hormonal disturbances started to fade gradually, i am so glad that I have joined the hormones healing program
Dec 06, 2021 by randj on Scalar Light
I recommend all the males across the corners to try it on this program
Hello, Tom! I would like to thank you first of all regarding this male hormone program therapy session / [m.h.p.t.s.] that I am still on. However, this program is quite interesting results regarding my health issues such as I have a deep sleep at night like a baby that is quite different than before. Also, I gain some muscular build automatically even if I do not go to the gym recently that I used to be [for summer time] because it's cold right now [winter time] / so, less physical exercise, but this hormone program change my body posture in great shape even [to gain some six packs] / all my friends noticed some quite change in my outlook / like skin-toned / deep male voices/alpha male type look alike. Thank you very much for this program that you offer online / there is nothing to lose but a lot to gain for a big change / to challenge myself for the huge benefits from this program / and I recommend all the males across the corners to try it on this program if they will need some changes for [in/out]/look in physical appearance / but it's up to everybody to make up their minds/thoughts ....... Much appreciate your sessions!
Oct 23, 2021 by Al on Scalar Light
Highly recommended especially for women on pre-menopause
Hi Tom
I came across your website during covid and did the 15 days trial for the entire family. Unfortunately, we did not notice any difference. Months later I noticed that I’ve been having premenopausal symptoms. My menstrual cycle had been gradually decreasing. Pre-pregnancy was 28 days cycle and now 8 years later my cycles had been averaging at 22-24 days. What made me panic and decide to try everything was 2 months ago when my cycle dropped to 16 days. I signed up for your women's hormone treatment out of desperation. The first month through the treatment, my cycle was 30 days! The second month was 32 days. I’m on the 3rd month now and I’ve already passed 24 days so I’m quite sure it will be also about 30 days. Apart from my cycle, I've not been experiencing any negative PMS symptoms like migraines, extreme moodiness, or cramps. Also on the plus side, sex life has been better as I no longer experience dryness. I've also recommended a friend to try it. Overall highly recommended especially for women on pre-menopause, menopause, or even post menopause.
Sep 18, 2021 by Teja on Scalar Light
Thank you!
I have been experiencing the Female Hormone Program for twenty-eight days, and I have noticed less hair fall and I seem to be feeling cooler(less hot flashes)during the day and at night. Thank-You Tom for Scalar Light!
Jun 22, 2021 by Louis on Scalar Light
Scalar Sessions
Under the Male Hormone program, I have been having weird dreams things that never happened this way before, Not sure how to interpret those. Some I sort of can explain but very weird. Not sure how to explain that.
Jul 26, 2020 by Edwige on Scalar Light
It’s So Crucial To Enjoy Every Second
Hi Tom
Just to tell you
That I have a difference. I am more relaxed and I've been thinking that these hormones play an important role in our moods and desire and confidence. It's so crucial to enjoy every second for us and the people we relate to. I AM looking forward to the following week.

Thanks, Tom for your dedication.
May 06, 2020 by Guy on Scalar Light
Hormone Program
At age 55 years old I lost my sexual drive. My testosterone levels were very low
and I assumed it was normal. I thought I should at least try the Hormone Balance
program to see if it could help. I didn’t feel any changes until my 4th month. I
suddenly became alive and feeling more youthful down below. I am 70 years old,
so it was a big surprise for my wife and myself. I was curious to see what could
have changed and tests showed my testosterone levels had jumped dramatically.
Thank-you, Scalar light.
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