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Mar 14, 2019 by Jessica on Scalar Light
Truly a fantastic product! I have never felt so invigorated or healthy in my whole, toxin-riddled life. But after Mr. Paladino's miraculous treatment, all of my diseases and chronic pain (and admittedly few STDs) were completely and utterly eradicated. It's unbelievable! I seriously can't believe it. This treatment is truly something. The only drawback is the backlash from my family. My daughter is a registered nurse, and she says that scalar healing is "pseudoscience" and "interpretation bias" But I believe that my unimaginable recoveries prove her wrong! There's no other possible explanation, none at all! I wholeheartedly recommend this incredible treatment, it is well worth the debt that I am now in. Thank you Tom!
Mar 13, 2019 by Roberto on Scalar Light
Endorphin & Neurotransmitter
Good day,
I feel more relaxed and i sleep better, the only
thing is that i still feel very depressed.
Thank you , so much for your work
Many Blessings
Mar 10, 2019 by PK on Scalar Light
HSV2- After 37 (yes 37 years) of mostly back to back attacks of this horrible affliction and pain and sensitivity all the time I expected to have to endure it to the end. Only those that have it or have had it understand that besides the pain and discomfort that it brings there is the feelings of worthlessness, failure and depression.
I tried supplements and prescription meds. I eliminated the "trigger" foods from my diet like coffee, chocolate, nuts, seeds, etc., nothing helped.
In March of 2018 I saw the scalar light ad on the internet beside an article I was reading. I opened it, read it and thought that can't be possible to heal people with an invisible light from a distance. A month later I saw the ad again and thought what do I have to lose.
I tried the 15 day trial and seemed to feel a bit better. After a couple of weeks I went for the 30 day treatment (april) and felt something different and positive going on in me. In June I had another attack but it was extremely mild. I also listened to many testimonials and from the answers given by Tom Palladino and Patricia I realized these are sincere, good people.
I took the second treatment in July and from that time to the present (March 10, 2019) I am completely symptom free. I KNOW IT IS GONE,PRAISE GOD!!! I eat all the foods I used to avoid like coffee, chocolate, nuts, etc. I have so much energy and a positive attitude now. I praise God for creating scalar light and can never that Tom and team enough for harnessing this energy and making it available to the world.
During my many years of suffering I never joined a support group online but I am on one now, not for me but to encourage the many hurting and shattered people there. I don't say iti is a cure online because most of those that have HSV1 and 2 believe there is no hope for them and can even get angry at the suggestion that there could be a cure. Therefore, I refer them to this website by saying I received so much help, support, and information here.
Tom, I am eternally grateful for how this has given me my life back. Thank you
Praise God
Mar 06, 2019 by Marjo on Scalar Light
I am so grateful to experience the Scalar Energy Sessions. My hair had been thinning for two years and nothing helped. I even tried twice plasma needles which were painful but they didn’t help at all.
The third quarter of Scalar Light Sessions I noticed the short new hair grow on my scalp. Also my hairdresser pointed it out to me. What a relief and joy these results are to me and I can so gladly recommend it to everyone who might have this problem.
Mar 05, 2019 by Sue on Scalar Light
I was open-minded about this never before experienced Scalarlight treatment. I have experienced an improvement in overall well being. I have had chronic fatigue for years. And I was able to increase my mild exercise. Thank you for the free trial.
Mar 04, 2019 by Dianna on Scalar Light
Natural Foods
II am certainly getting on a scalar program as soon as I finish the trials, I want to make sure I chose the best program for my immediate needs, wow I'm so happy for this technology and grateful to Tom for all his passionate work! Thank you, my life is getting better every day!
Mar 03, 2019 by Dianna on Scalar Light
Natural Foods
I have been on the nutrients therapy and I am amazed I feel less tired and not as hungry!
This is very exciting news!
Mar 01, 2019 by Shirley on Scalar Light
First week: Felt stronger and more energy. Thanks!
Mar 01, 2019 by jun on Scalar Light
Addiction Therapy
My first review to scalar light 2/26/19

I have been with Scalar light for about 3 weeks. This first two weeks I was on the free trail of the standard scalar. About one week ago, I signed up for the addiction cleanse. At the same time, I signed up for 30 days free trail of neurotransmitters balance. Yesterday I added 30 days free trail for Minerals and Precious Stones. So currently I have 4 programs running simultaneously: the standard pathogens cleanses, nutrients therapy, and chacra cleansing, plus addiction cleansing which is to clear toxic chemicals, drugs, heavy metals, and GMO etc. I am also on neurotransmitters balance, and minerals & precious stones as free trail.

Here is my report: The first 10 days I did not feel anything and I was thinking this is another “oh this will work for some people, but not me” case. But on March 20, which is about 10 days after I started the program, I started to feel something kicking in.

Before I started the scalar light program, I was devastated: severe digestive issues – I could not digest any food at all. The only food I ate was sweet potatoes, one soft stir fried egg per meal, a few pieces of chicken per meal, a little serving of organic greens, and maybe some millet. That was all I could eat but I was not able to have a bowel movement naturally, so I had to do colonics, or I drank laxative tea/herbs in order to pass things out. Food got fermented in my gut and came out as completely undigested food. For example, I could see orange sweet potatoes with fibers in what I passed. In addition, my urine was bright orange to almost red. My mood was at its worst – 24/7 unstoppable racing thoughts. The worst characteristic was the fact I cycled every 48 hours. I was not able to breath freely, and I laid in bed 24 hours a day even though I never was able to fall asleep without drugs . When I woke up from a drugged sleep, I would have heart palpitation like a heart attacks. Some days I would not even brush my teeth before noon. My head was burning 24/7 with high pitch noises. Depression was mixed with unbearable anxiety attacks in all the waking hours. I seriously doubt if hell could be worse than this. I was not able to see my kids for days in a row, and I was not able to join the family for any meals for months. No doctors could offer any constructive help. In my desperation, one weeks prior to my start with scalar light, I went to the ER, and the doctor was very concerned and he thought I might have some cancer in my organs. So he ordered a CT scan, ultra sound, and X rays, and he took lot of blood from me. Yes, my system was compromised, but there was nothing “really wrong” in his eyes. He discharged me by saying: ” Congratulations! You are cancer free.” My husband and my mother were relieved but what was I supposed to feel? I wished I had a diagnosis, so even if I died, I had an explanation. I was so angry on my way home I was calculating how much value of my life remained, and how long could I hang on like this?

During my darkest moment, I talked to Holly Slabbinck , a lyme survivor. She advised me to look into scalar light, and she told me how her life was saved. I was skeptical because I had visited their website last year and I was not convinced. But now I had no alternative. I started spending all my time in bed reading all of their testimonials (more than 1400 positive testimonials). The more I read, the more I was convinced that there was hope. So I signed up for the free trial, and that turned out to be the greatest thing I have ever done in my life.

OK, now it has been 3 weeks. Since last Wednesday, which was less than two weeks, I started to feel the shift: I was able to get out of bed on Wednesday Feb 20; on Thursday, I started to pick things up here or there; On Friday I wanted to make new plans for my future; On Saturday morning I went to a Chinese grocery and I bought a roast duck for my family, and I ate some (I had severe leaky gut and food intolerance and I did not touch roast duck for ages) In the afternoon, we went to a 5000 ft mountain to enjoy the last chance in the season for playing in the snow. Yesterday was Monday, I went to Mexico to see a dental expert. Today is Tuesday, I feel I have so much I can do and I should do, and it is the first moment for a long time that I feel my life is under control.

I have to admit that at the same time I also work with some energy healer in a distance, and at home I do what I can to detox and give myself enough nutrients. But before scalar light, I was not able to even raise my eyes for my kids, and my leaky gut did not allow me to even take any supplements. Any detox could have been too tough for my body. Now my digestion is getting better and better, and I wonder if my herpes are gone, because my cold sores already disappeared. The white coat on my tongue is gone too. My ND ordered a Lyme disease test along with many other tests two weeks ago, but I decided to wait for 90 days to do it. I expect a clean bill.

I still have sleeping issues, and I have noise on my brain. I will write an update in the near future.

Jun from San Diego, Feb. 26 2019
Feb 25, 2019 by Lucy on Scalar Light
Natural Foods
I noticed a change in my appetite, I no longer crave sweet sugary stuff. Plus I prefer to drink a lot of water instead. Which is very good for me.
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