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If you have experienced Remote Scalar Energy sessions with Tom Paladino please describe your outcome. The condition you were in before & after the scalar energy session; the pain or discomfort level. Please rate your experience by giving one star for sort of wonderful and five stars for amazing!

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Nov 19, 2018 by lou on Scalar Light
Hormone Therapy
Hi,I started the hormone treatment two weeks ago.
I would say I have noticed a increase in my drive and I am back to weight training and feeling positive
about myself.

Nov 17, 2018 by Brenda on Scalar Light
Endorphin & Neurotransmitter
Hi Tom, I trialed the Endorphin and Neurotransmitter Therapy for 30 days whilst also on the Natural Foods Therapy. I found the therapy very calming. I was able to recover from stress moments from work much quicker than usual instead of working for days I released my stress by the next day. Keep up the good work. Bren in Sydney, Australia
Nov 11, 2018 by NJ on Scalar Light
My dog (munchi) who is a Yorkie has been on Standard Scalar energy for several months. He is 3 years old and he used to cough and have congestion almost like asthma. Since he has been on scalar energy his coughing and congestion has improved and almost gone. He was into his treatments for a few weeks and coughed up a yellow substance almost like butter but thick enough to cut in two. After this happened his coughing spells have not come back. It's truly a blessing to see how scalar energy has healed him from this. Thank you, Tom, for your research and dedication to healing all.
Nov 07, 2018 by Walker on Scalar Light
Fat Metabolism
Checking in on my 3rd week of FMT... Everything is going Great... Feeling so Good... Feeling Lighter.... God is so Good to All of Us... Blessings to Tom & All his Team for these Free trials... Jesus gives so Freely, too!!! Know He is Smiling upon You!!!
Nov 06, 2018 by Holly on Scalar Light
I was just recently re-tested for the Epstein-Barr virus as well as the HHV-6 virus. Both viruses were very high, and were re-activated as a byproduct of Lyme disease. Both PCR tests just came back negative, showing no presence of the viruses whatsoever. Thank you God! Thank you Tom!!!!!
Nov 04, 2018 by Shirley on Scalar Light
Addiction Therapy
Feeling a little foggy sometimes. I have felt a little weak and some low energy at times. I still crave carbs and sweets, but I do not always buy as much of these foods at the grocery store.
Nov 04, 2018 by Shirley on Scalar Light
Natural Foods
Feeling more peaceful. Not as hungry. Most of the time, I don't feel hungry until late in the day. I have had a slight increase in energy. I went out yesterday and raked leaves for several hours. I had not eaten anything, so I did lose some steam, but I kept going until I finished the job. I am 82 years and had not exercised for some months. Thank you. I am grateful.
Nov 02, 2018 by Denyse on Scalar Light
Fat Metabolism
Hi Tom and support team, this week wss my 4 week on the weight loses free trial i lost about 4 pounds. Thank you so much for this opportunity to try this out. Sincerely Denyse J Leblanc
Oct 30, 2018 by Walker on Scalar Light
Fat Metabolism
This is the greatest & God gets the Glory. Thank You Father for giving Tom this Scalar Light to reach so many with helping the body to function in a better way. My body is feeling great this 2nd week of FMT. Thank You Tom, for you are a God sent!
Oct 28, 2018 by Latoya on Scalar Light
Endorphin & Neurotransmitter
Thank you for making this available and including trials to try out. I put my tween and teenager on the trial. They don't know about it. I am trying it as well. My daughter is feeling much happier. My son is very happy at times, but he's been a very hard case to crack. He's up and down. I am much calmer, have had more lucid dreams and my reading comprehension and concentration has improved a lot. I am learning much faster. This is going on week 4 of the trial. I wanted to wait until I noticed the benefits of the scalar energy before I posted a review. Thank God for this because my son refuses to take medicine, not even alternative medicine and I never trusted traditional medicine, but he desperately needs this since he is severely depressed and has suicidal thoughts along with gender identity issues. He needs a lot more time to heal so I have purchased the recurring scalar treatments switching from natural foods therapy to the new endorphin and neurotransmitter therapy.
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