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If you have experienced Remote Scalar Energy sessions with Tom Paladino please describe your outcome. The condition you were in before & after the scalar energy session; the pain or discomfort level. Please rate your experience by giving one star for sort of wonderful and five stars for amazing! For privacy purposes, please feel free to enter Anonymous if you do not want to share your name with your testimony.

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Aug 15, 2019 by Kathleen on Scalar Light
Natural Foods
This was a wonderful experience, my body is refresh and lighter. Less hungry, sugar levels are healthy, lost 6 lbs. and i am eating healthy, I have cut out sweets. My spirit is lighter, and I am happier. I am taking less Insulin.
Thank you for allowing me this experience.
Aug 14, 2019 by Ron on Scalar Light
Hormone Therapy
After one week of treatment, I've noticed an improvement in my general well-being.
Aug 14, 2019 by Janelle on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar Session
I suffer from neuropathy in my fingers which is characterized by numbness, tingling and sometimes pain. In addition, I have trigger finger in my right middle finger. I experience pain and I actually have to pry my finger from its bent position. Opening jars is difficult and painful. Massaging and exercising my hands bring very little relief.
I really didn't know what to expect, but on day 13 of the trial standard scalar session, I noticed that my symptoms decreased tremendously! I couldn't believe it! It's been about a month since the trial and the improvement continues. I am now going to purchase the recurring sessions.Thank you ever so much!
Aug 14, 2019 by Brenda on Scalar Light
Natural Foods
I have been much more diligent about my food choices during this time...eating more natural foods and feeling much healthier than ever.
Aug 12, 2019 by Charlie on Scalar Light
Natural Foods
My wife and I have enjoyed the free sessions the last one was natural foods. Our health is continually improving. My wife just finished and exam with very good results even though she had some issues for a while. They have disappeared. I'm doing well also not sure which treatment was best but they all were very beneficial! So much more I could say but most important is Thank You !
Aug 12, 2019 by Mary on Scalar Light
Natural Foods
Tom and your sessions for the nutrition program were fabulous for me.

I live in Texas somewhere in the middle of a heat wave this has kept me going at my work and every day life with ease. Neil growth has been remarkable thyroid issues have dissipated so I think this is a fabulous program thank you
Aug 11, 2019 by Elizabeth on Scalar Light
Product Categories
Hi Tom,
First, blessings for this divine work and opportunity for healing, and more importantly maintaining a balanced physical expression, a continuous healing experience and a, alchemical way of living. I have been on various programs over many years on and off, recently I placed myself back on the standard protocol and metabolism as I was experience some challenges. Needless to say as expected I started feeling the difference within the first week.

So I am very grateful.
Shanti Elizabeth
Aug 08, 2019 by Dawn on Scalar Light
Hormone Therapy
So many thanx & blessings to u and staff for these wonderful gifts of Health-Fat & Hormone Therapy, anyone who has suffered thru' Menopause truly knows the depth of my Gratitude, Christmas in August! Namaste, DW
Aug 06, 2019 by Susan on Scalar Light
Endorphin & Neurotransmitter
I am a woman in my late 70's and have been using the standard scalar sessions for a couple of years now. I recently began the Endorpin Neorotransmitter therapy and I am no longer anxious as I was. I have noticed with the natural foods I no longer crave sweets as much. I am in great health for my age, and I can thank Tom and Scalar Energy for that. God has given us a great gift, and I am thankful
Aug 06, 2019 by Patrick on Scalar Light
Natural Foods
Woke up invigorated each morning, my energy level during this period has been through the ceiling. I highly recommend the natural food protocol.
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