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If you have experienced Remote Scalar Energy sessions with Tom Paladino please describe your outcome. The condition you were in before & after the scalar energy session; the pain or discomfort level. Please rate your experience by giving one star for sort of wonderful and five stars for amazing! For privacy purposes, please feel free to enter Anonymous if you do not want to share your name with your testimony.

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Sep 12, 2019 by Brigitte on Scalar Light
Endorphin & Neurotransmitter
feeling well after my sessions
Sep 12, 2019 by Sacha on Scalar Light
Hormone Program
I've suffered from debilitating pain during ovulation and extreme pre-menstrual imbalance for years. I had neither this month! My life just became so much easier as I felt so much more even and upbeat, too! Thank you Tom!!!!!
Sep 11, 2019 by Casey on Scalar Light
Hormone Program
I definitely have more energy and feel more balanced.
Sep 10, 2019 by anna on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar Session
Hello, I have been receiving both, Neurotransmitters and Standard treatments for several days. I feel so much stronger, cognitively better, my vertigo is gone. I am very grateful and excited about this technology. Thank you so much!!!
Sep 10, 2019 by elga on Scalar Light
Endorphin & Neurotransmitter
i just passed a very high level of stress period,,extreme tiredness ,,over sensitivity,,headaches and an all over feeling of being sick,,i am 77 and also still going through a move,,,and i am alone,,,after about a week i found myself in a much better state,,,i have more energy,,actually sleep a bit better,,and the best,,i feel more balanced emotionally,,,i am so grateful that i received this treatment at the right time,,,i also had the female hormone treatment ,,,i believe that the combination worked wonders,,,i can only recommend this scalar treatment,,it surely is a wow,,,, thank you so much Tom,,my gratitude to you,,,,
Sep 10, 2019 by Brigitte on Scalar Light
Endorphin & Neurotransmitter
I'm feeling well and calmer than before
Thank you , Tom
Sep 09, 2019 by Sarah on Scalar Light
Hormone Program
I have been on the Female Hormone Program since October 2018. At the time of enrolling, my AMH (Antimullerian Hormone) was low -- 0.672. Western endocrinology considers AMH to be a level that will not improve over time, as it indicates a woman's egg count and diminishes with age. After receiving Scalar Hormone Therapy for several months, the new number is 1.04, which is within the normal range. Amazing!
Sep 07, 2019 by Sandra on Scalar Light
I am recovering from cancer surgery (April 2019) and have been working on gaining my strength. I am in day 6 of the 15 trial day program, my strength is getting stronger, my sleep is so deep and I am remembering dreams which I wasn't able to do before. I am calmer, and more at peace . On day 3, i noticed I felt exhausted and took the time to rest more and nap, Experienced some diarrhea but none so far into the program. I am so happy to discover the Scalar Program and with my results.
Sep 06, 2019 by John on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar Session
I signed up for the standard free trial, sent a few photos, and then forgot all about it. I engaged in activities that usually take their toll on my body energetically. The next day and the next I noticed a resilience I did not expect, and the depressed physiology I expected never came. Instead I felt a tingling of energy reminiscent of uniquely energizing experiences I have felt in the past. On the third day i opened an email from Scalar Light and made the connection. Since I had completely forgotten about this completely passive, non-invasive treatment, I consider this a valid representation of the effects of the treatment, not a placebo effect. I am telling scores of people to try this: it is a great gift. I plan on continuing to take advantage of the free trials, and then sign on for some of the extended treatments. In Gratitude, Dr. John LoRe
Sep 06, 2019 by Wendy on Scalar Light
Mineral & Precious Stone
I just finished my two-week trial on the Mineral / Crystal program! During the first few days, I was experiencing was detox symptoms and wondered what was going on with me. Then I realized that the program had started! I do suffer from a thyroid problem and know that there is mineral deficiency present. I could feel my thyroid shift as my body integrated the minerals and crystals. The thyroid is integral in our metabolism, so during this shift, I lost 3 lbs. without trying which was a surprise.
I geek out on Nikola Tesla and his genius, and for Tom to have harnessed Scalar Light and other quantum modalities, and provide these programs to the world, is a HUGE gift. Quantum medicine is the future of healing…. It is the medicine of NOW.
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