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If you have experienced Remote Scalar Energy sessions with Tom Paladino please describe your outcome. The condition you were in before & after the scalar energy session; the pain or discomfort level. Please rate your experience by giving one star for sort of wonderful and five stars for amazing!

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Nov 26, 2017 by Elle on Scalar Light
Chakra Balancing
Dear Tom, I resumed my sessions in September after a major move to the West Coast. Last week I visited my Naturopath for testing after treatments for a life threatening illness. The doctor had purchased a Bio Photon machine on an overseas trip, which,with a touch of a finger, can read the light/energy being emitted by our bodies and organs. I'm in perfect balance. We looked at each other and said, "That's very interesting." No doubt in my mind that the other treatments are working as well. Thank you.
Nov 24, 2017 by Henrique on Scalar Light
Feel better
Ola boa tarde, sim eu sinto-me melhor, muito obrigado por tudo até uma próxima, muita saúde para voçes.

Hi, good afternoon, yes, I feel better, thank you very much for everything until next time, A lot of health for you.
Nov 20, 2017 by Sheryl on Scalar Light
Amazing Experience
Hi Tom,

I am doing better than ever and have become a true believer in Scalar sessions! I can't thank you enough! this is an amazing experience.

Thank-you soooo much!

Nov 20, 2017 by Mark on Scalar Light
Purge / Release
day one : coughing attack knocked up some very old phelm

Day two : could feel new exposed raw spots in the lungs deep. slight fever.

Day three: constipation then diarrhea. foul and foul smelling sweat. drank lots of
water very similar to a detox diet or fast.

Day four to seven not bad but mouth sores erupted

Day seven: massive hacking attack about 2 am kicked up a lot of very old phelm

Day eight : breathing much better and deeper. eating less looking for more natural
probiotics.. Kimchee , fermented veggies, cravings.

Day nine and ten. T5 and T6 (heart chakra area staring to move).. very sore stiff,
but moving. life time chronic problem.

some very strange lucid dreams, in the 2 am to 3am time slot (my lucid dreams are
usually at the 5am to 6 am times. )

Nov 17, 2017 by Elenka on Scalar Light
Scalar Energy
Thank you for this opportunity!
Nov 17, 2017 by Shanette on Scalar Light
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity
I flew from South Africa to France to visit my beloved daughter. Upon arrival an old problem, mould on my lungs which came from an extended period of living in nature in 2012, flared up. I think it was maybe from the stress of traveling, fatigue and the processed food from the airlines.

My daughter insisted I see a doctor and I am not a fan of the medical profession even though I respect their intentions. I also thought it would deplete my funds and I do not like any unnatural medicines. I turned to the Internet and found your info and site and signed up for the free treatments.

Within a few days the problem was sorted out. I am not sure about other effects as I was so happy to be with my daughter that I was already in a state of delight. However, I was dreaming so much at night that I eventually stopped trying to analyse the dreams and just enjoyed the good feelings they produced.

Everything went very smoothly for me on the holiday and while travelling and somehow I felt very' supported'. I would love to go on a long term program however we have a really lousy exchange rate with our 'junk status' rand so it will not be possible. However, I am really grateful for this opportunity and admire your desire to heal the world!

I cannot understand why most people are so skeptical about this energy yet believe in drugs and doctors who are still described as 'practicing'. Maybe these testimonials will enlighten them. Thank you!!!!
Nov 15, 2017 by Elisha on Scalar Light
Hello Tom,

Thank you profoundly for your work! I cannot pinpoint any specific changes, other than the increase of high pitched, gentle sound from beyond my head. I feel lighter, and when faced with challenges, find swift connection to viewing them from a wider perspective.

Although several physical health challenges have not shown any improvement, my fear-related response has almost dissipated, and my inner knowing of my intrinsic perfect divine plan is deepening.

With deep gratitude and blessings,

Nov 15, 2017 by Anju on Scalar Light
Migraines are less frequent
Hello Tom
Thanks for the ongoing treatment. I feel a great difference with regards to my migraine attack due to PCOD and irregular periods.I would like to wait and wait till day 15 to see the complete benefits of this treatment after which I will decide on the future course of action.
Thanks again for this free treatment and i pray that you are blessed forever.


Nov 14, 2017 by Jacqueline on Scalar Light
Hello Tom

Thank you for your messages, my feelings is that I feel in good shape,
very good sleep, no pain. Really these scalar energies put the body back to
level where it must be always balanced !!!!

I consents that this quantum medicine is wonderful, I will not fail to make
share in my surroundings. I am counting on you to destroy my photo.

With all my thanks for giving me this experience

Love and Gratitude.

I love you and your family.

Nov 14, 2017 by Maryanna on Scalar Light
Hi Tom and Patricia

This energy work is phenomenal. After 7 days I have more energy and I am losing weight! My body somehow feels more solid and healthy. This is all very subtle though.

I have gone thru ups and downs of really crying thru a sad movie, then hysterically laughing at something simple. One morning I woke up feeling fabulous like I used to a long time ago. That lasted a whole day. I am thinking this is a continual healing process. I am interested in doing another month.

Thanks for all you do!

Take care,
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