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Jan 06, 2019 by Anonymous on Scalar Light
Lyme Disease
Dear Tom:

I want to thank you so much for your help and assistance over the last several months. As you know, I was diagnosed with lyme disease last fall, but had been misdiagnosed for a while before that. When I heard about your treatment through Perry, I was in pretty bad shape. I had been on antibiotics for at least 6 months and was just coming off of an IV antibiotic line. I was having terrible insomnia [a symptom of lyme] as well as fatigue, anxiety and various problems with my nervous system, including parathesias.

When I first e-mailed with you, you instructed that you were going to do a light treatment that evening. At the time, I had no idea where you were in the country -- I live on the east coast and did not know that you were on the west coast. I mention this because I went to sleep that night, not thinking much about the treatment. But I distinctly remembering waking up at 1 am -- I believe it was 1:10 am to be exact -- and feeling a little bit of an odd sensation in my body. It was not scary but definitely noticeable; I just remembered feeling almost like a neuro impulse in my arms and legs -- hard to describe. I just thought "what's this?" and then I looked at the clock and saw the time and a few minutes later I was able to go back to sleep and woke up the next morning feel completely fine. Some time that morning, I thought of the treatment last night. You wrote to me later that day and I told you that I woke up with a strange feeling in my body for several minutes before I went back to sleep, and you told me that you administered a treatment at 10:00 pm from the west coast [pacific time] and then I realized that it was just after 1:00 am when I woke up and looked at the clock. I was truly dumbstruck knowing that, and my mind was of course thinking that it had to be more than a strange coincidence.

But since then, you have given me several other treatments, and there have been nights when I woke up again around that time and had similar reactions. Again, they were nothing alarming -- just felt like something was happening but it was not anything too intense.

The end result of this, though, is that very soon after that first treatment, I definitely turned a corner in my recovery. Within a couple of weeks, I was getting my energy back. I started subtly noticing that I was focusing on my kids more, and enjoying the little things that I used to with them. I wasn't thinking about feeling sick so much, and how I was going to get through the day. There was an enormous shift physically that was occurring and I was gradually realizing it as I was picking up books again to read and finding joy in doing things that I had been missing out on for about a year. I definitely felt like I was and still am getting my life back. I truly believe that your treatments have helped me, especially with the shift that I made after that first treatment. I will never forget the uncanny timing that first night of waking up with those sensations and then finding out that the treatment had been administered at just the same time!

I am now at least 80% or more better than I was just six months ago. I have not taken an antibiotic in five months, or any other medication for lyme disease. In truth, lyme did some damage to my immune and nervous system, but that is gradually getting better in time, as I am doing everything I can to be healthy again. I no longer feel like my body is being attacked by lyme, and believe that I am now in a healing phase. Thank you so much for your amazing treatment. You have helped me so much in getting my health back again!

Best to you always, Tom -- and God bless you for your efforts in helping people get better!!!!!
Jan 06, 2019 by Anonymous on Scalar Light
Water Retention and Swelling
I had a hysterectomy when I was 30... started menopause at age 36... which also started my thyroid to malfunction & shut down. I started having all sorts of health issues... from skin problems, losing my hair... to severe water retention & bloating, to name a few.
I am in my early 60's and have dealt with these health issues and many more for 24 years.
AFTER THE FIRST FEW DAYS OF Tom using the scalar wave healing on me, I noticed my skin started feeling different & better!
After a couple weeks.... I started going to the bathroom a lot more and was retaing a lot less water. My bloating & swelling has gone way down.
I also had a lot of discomfort in my body with aches & pains through out my body... which is much less now because of Tom's treatments.
I am so grateful to Tom for the scalar wave healing he has done on me. It has changed my life and I am feeling so much better! I truly believe in and support Tom' scalar wave healing work. It is working for me!
Thank you Tom a thousand fold!
Jan 06, 2019 by Anonymous on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar
Hello Tommy,

I mentioned to you earlier, I had severe neck pains for several days after your treatments. All is quite well now. My mom also had excruciating pain in her leg, she found it difficult to walk. That too lasted several days. Her doctor had X-rays taken...nothing showed up...she received an ointment to rub on the offending spot near her knee. She came to visit me this weekend. A thought occurred to me to ask her, was it the same leg she had a blood clot on near forty years ago. Not to my surprise, her answer was yes.

I surmise, that in both cases our lymphatic systems had been blocked, in different areas respectively. I think your treatment removed the inflammation/blockage which was so incredibly painful.

My mom is super again...no pain. As for me, my pain too is gone, as is the swelling on my face, that I wake up to every morning. Also the strain I often felt in my neck isn't there anymore.

Thank You,
Jan 02, 2019 by Geneva on Scalar Light
Natural Foods
I have had this for four months now and my pain in liver area is about 90% better. I like this treatment. I also noticed a decrease in the ridges of my nails by about 50%. I was wanting to find a physiclal character of change so that iit is not all subjective ‘pain’ rating. My hair appears to be growing faster and with more color.
Dec 30, 2018 by B on Scalar Light
Endorphin & Neurotransmitter
Thank you Tom & Nancy & staff!
I felt lighter, l had more clarity & better memory, less brain fog, more inspired & better focus!! All while in a very stressful difficult & challenging time of my life!
Dec 24, 2018 by Anon on Scalar Light
Natural Foods
PS: I forgot to mention the most amazing little thing. On the first night of natural foods therapy, I had had a bad day. Despite that, I had the most vivid and beautiful dream that I was away on a luxurious tropical vacation. I was surrounded by clear, turquoise water and the most lush vegetation and colourful flowers. In the dream, I was very excited about going to dinner as the chef was preparing a stunning salad! I had a visual of this salad in my dream and I was so very excited about it. In real life, I eat salad, but I have never been excited about it. I woke up knowing the scalar energy had this effect on my subconscious...hopefully this salad excitement will transfer to my waking life.

So thank you for the whole foods that are doing my body good and thank you for the wonderful scalar vacation I could never afford to experience.....it was like Bora Bora on steroids.

Have you ever thought of some kind of scalar dream therapy? Imagine all the people in comas that could be given such beautiful dreams. I do believe this scalar magic is making me more creative.....the surprises just keep coming! Thank you!

Merry Christmas!
Dec 18, 2018 by Val on Scalar Light
Fat Metabolism
I have been on the Fat Metabolism for approx 2 months with a bit of time between treatments. In the 2 months I have not eaten well with Halloween and then baking for Christmas but I have felt better. also to note that people were asking me if I was losing weight which I had not lost weight. Because I have heart issues it is imperative I do Fat Metabolism. I expect to be much better behaved around food than in celebrations of sugar which I normally never eat. I will be ramping up my health regimes in July so all my treatments will be synergistic to desired outcomes. Thank you so much, Tom.
Dec 14, 2018 by Jamie on Scalar Light
Hi Tom and Staff,

I feel the best I have felt in years!!! (figure that food poisoning in 1980 or 81 started the downward health spiral) And just starting Day 4 of the basic trial. Slept very well last night (used to average 2 hrs a day for 10 years). Brain and energy are great!

Listening to a talk about gap junctions that are behind the tight junctions in the gut - they are like fiber optics tubes that move light energy - and I thought that is what Scalar energy is doing!!! After repairing the glyphosate in the tight junctions!

This is brilliant!

Please keep doing what you are doing - did not think I would feel this good again!!

Many thanks and blessings!

Dec 14, 2018 by AnnaMaria on Scalar Light
Natural Foods
Hello Tom,
The Natural Foods Therapy for 30 days proved to me that I was literally starving.
Felt run down, depressed, no energy, mentally or physically. I went organic/gluten free since retiring over 15 years ago, will little improvement. As I sampled your free sessions, I began feeling better and better. I have been on a year cleansing program before I discovered your work; by the third week of the Natural Foods program, I began feeling a sense of wellness, with energy to go through the day, and sleeping better. What is really interesting is that I began releasing more very old material from the colon and particles, pieces of stuff from the urine, which began to get lighter and lighter...excretions that I monitor each day with my "SLOW-GO CLEANSE" ... I discontinue most substances that I have been using while doing your work because I do not want to interfere with it, and now understand why you have your YEAR PACKAGE ON EACH THERAPY...It took a long time to ruin my health, and know that it will take a while to recoup completely, so...
Thank your Tom for the privilege of sampling your wonderful work! My goal is to save for a complete year of one of the Therapies, but now, I'm confused to which one is the most important one...because I received massive improvements from then all, and now know that they all rank a-#1-in-priority to do for the year's program
I was wondering if you have ever put together, or would consider a package for 3, or 4 of the different therapies for a month?
With multiple Blessings for you/yours, your great staff, and a Merry Christmas and Happy New to y'all!
Dec 12, 2018 by Anonymous on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar
Dear Tom,

I am not sure where to leave the testimony re the 15 day free standard scalar energy session which I believe is still taking place.

As for myself I haven’t noticed and major differences but I am still hopeful that now that I am on a free 30 day standard session I will have something to relate.

But I can say that my daughter who had been suffering from PCOS with no period for almost three years had a real period a few days ago, quite heavy with craping which I think it good. It means that the lining is clearing out and maybe the cyst which were attached to her ovaries (21 on the right and 12 on the left) may be dissolving. She has been suffering from the side effects of PCOS with acne which has been very demoralising and I am hoping that that will subside too. She also reported that she felt really good generally.

Regarding my husband and son. I will have to wait to talk to them as they both work overseas and come home only once a month. I will let you know what their experience was as soon as I find out.

I also sign on for the 30 day free endorphins and neurological transmitter scalar session. On that front I have to say I have been feeling more positive and 'happy for no reason' as you put it.
My sleeping is still an issue but I am confident that it will improve. I have been an insomniac for about 15 years so my brain has grooved that negative pattern so it might take a bit longer to erase but I have a smile on my face and can’t wait for the next instalment.

Thank you Tom for being so generous with sharing your work. I feel truly blessed.

With gratitude
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